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Get 5 point on AP with our help

Advanced Placement courses are among the most challenging courses offered at the high school level, and good scores on the final AP Exams can earn students college credit. This exam is only offered once per year, making it a rather high-stakes test.

AP Makes Your Application Shine

AP classes are essentially college level courses, which makes it exceptionally difficult and time consuming. A high AP score is a true indication of a student's academic ability, and the top colleges looks very heavily upon this.



scored 5 on

AP Test



scored 4+ on

AP Test

Expert AP Tutors

Our teachers have more than 20 years of experience in various test preparations, with some graduated from top colleges such as Harvard, Columbia. Every Lighten Academy tutor scores in the top 5% in the subject they teach, and they have been professionally trained to communicate better with the students.

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