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Team Talk


With You Every Step of the Way

Miss. V

English Teacher

Miss.V has Bachelor of Arts degree in World Literature from the University of Toronto and she is a seasoned IBDP and AP English Language and Literature teacher. She has more than 15 years of international teaching experience in IB schools.
She has experience administering AP Literature exams and is currently also an active IB Diploma Examiner for IBDP English A: Literature (HL) Paper 1 and IBDP English A: Extended Essay (all three categories).
Furthermore, She is a TESOL certified teacher of EAL and EAP courses with expertise in preparing students to excel on their IELTS, CAE, and FCE exams.

Dr. CJ

Speech / Debate / English

Dr. CJ earned a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership & Administration from the University of the Pacific and a Master’s of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. He has 22 years of Public Speech & Debate teaching experience as well as 15 years of faculty management and leadership. He taught more than 15,000 students at 10 different universities in 20 northern California cities and online students studying across the globe.

Mr. R

AP Chemistry / AP Biology

Mr. R graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor's degree. He was teaching chemistry and biology at a public high school in New York and he is currently a researcher at Stony Brook University. He was also able to teach AP Chemistry and AP Biology, and many of his students scored fives on AP exams. Mr. R has profound attainments in biology and chemistry. He is good at developing personalized teaching plans for each student and believes that students' learning progress needs to be followed up at all times, to keep abreast of the latest developments of students.


SAT Teacher

For the past 9+ years, John's successes include perfect 1600 SAT student and PSAT National Merit Qualifying scores for students, ACT tutees regularly hitting 30+ composite scores on their first try with 35+ averages on Verbal, Ivy League admits for grad school students, 4.0+ GPA class scores for learners on everything from their English to Precalculus/Calculus, full ride scholarships for middle schoolers to prestigious high schools, as well as helping several classes of first-generation college students at local non-profits be accepted to Northeast colleges such as Colby, Barnard, and Dickinson, as well as top entrances to Columbia, Yale, McGill off of his level of SAT, ACT, and GRE Prep. He's also had students ace IB Math level exams, as well as reach perfect scores on the SAT Math II Subject Tests.

Mrs. Noon

Science Teacher

Mrs. Noon has been teaching elementary and middle school students for eleven years. She is a passionate educator, who desires for each student to realize his or her full potential. She has a proven track record of improving student performance in science, math, and reading, with her students consistently demonstrating over a year’s worth of growth and testing above state standards. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters in Education with an Endorsement in Science. Mrs. Noon is currently teaching STEM in Middle School focusing on Engineering, Coding, 3D Printing, Robotics, and the Google Ecosystem. She also is a Google Level 2 Certified Educator, and a Tynker Coding Level 1 Certified Educator. She leverages adaptive technology to structure lessons to meet the needs of individual students. Not only does she teach regular classes during the school year she also runs STEM summer camps and is a horseback riding instructor.

Ms. Deborah

Latin Teacher

Ms. Deborah has 30+ years of teaching and tutoring in the areas of humanities and languages. Ms. Deborah has been offering Latin tutorials on an online basis (Levels 1-4 & AP prep) over 9 years. Ms. Deborah's teaching methods are traditional and have been proven to be successful, i.e., basics of grammar and syntax, vocabulary building (comparison and contrast to English), reading and translation, and conversational practice.
She also introduces stories and historical excerpts which help create for the learner a connection to the foundations of Western culture.


SAT / AP Teacher

Joseph graduated from U. C. Berkeley with honors and for his advanced degree, He graduated with Magna Cum Laude from Regent University for His MBA degree. He have a TESOL certificate to teach ESL students as well. He have designed and taught rigorous SAT classes in an academy setting and Analytical Writing curriculum; He liked to expand instruction with an additional writing class to explore various modes of writing, thinking skills, study skills, and self-reflection. He have taught over 15 years of college prep and other school entrance tests.

Ms. Tamara

ELA / Writing Teacher

Ms. Tamara has been a program director for writing and communication/public relations in academia and for a non-profit. Ms. Tamara specializes in assessing writing issues, levels of writing, and can raise the ability of any writer from elementary school through college. She is an experienced writer who during COVID 19 remotely tutors and teaches grades 5-12 and in higher education. She is currently teach English academic writing, college admissions essay writing, creative writing (novel, poetry, fiction, memoir), literature, and literature analysis.


AP English / Writing Competition

John has taught English at the high school and collegiate level since 2001. He currently works at a traditional high school, working with the gifted and talented population as an English teacher. He has taught different AP English courses including AP seminar, and AP research. He loves teaching English in order to bring the beauty of language to students, to give a voice to students. He has a history of success with students and writing competitions such as Scholastic Art and Writing contests as well as regional and state competitions.

Dr. Annie

AP Economics

Dr. Annie currently works as a professor at University. She has worked as a Dean of Academic Affairs for 15 years and as a professor for over 20 years. She also teaches AP classes, math, economics, and various business and social studies classes for K-12 students. She has a B.S. in Life Sciences, one year of M.S. in Molecular Genetics, an MBA in Business Administration, and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership.
In the wake of the emergence of new teaching and learning modes of digital communication, education has entered a time of intense transformation that opens new possibilities for more collaborative dynamic, and engaging scholarship. She believes that experienced educators are vital for teaching our youths and adults. Educators must not only bring the knowledge in the subject matter, but also be able to engage learners to understand, master, practice, and apply the knowledge learned.


Coding / Python / Java

Tim is a full-stack Web Application Developer and Software Developer. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Connecticut along with 20+ years of large-scale web development experience. Tim specializes in Java, React, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, and Database Technologies. He has taught all age levels from grade 3 thru adults for the last 5 years and really enjoys IT education. Subjects taught include web development boot camp, artificial intelligence, and Scratch.


English / Shakespeare

Harry studied Literature at Carnegie Mellon University, where he graduated Summa cum laude, and Shakespeare and contemporary British drama at the Manchester School of Theatre in England, teaching Shakespeare analysis and performance to young people. He teaching the ACT and SAT Writing and Reading Tests, as well as generally instructing students on rhetoric, grammar, college essay practice. He believes in the power of language.

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