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Mr. Espinoza

Chemistry, AP Chemistry, IB Chemistry

Mr. Espinoza graduated from college in December 2015. From August 2015 through June 2020, I taught AP Chemistry and Chemistry at a public high school in Indiana. With my help, students consistently scored at and above U.S. and global averages on the AP Chemistry exam.

In June 2017, Mr. Espinoza began writing AP Chemistry test questions on These are specifically aligned to the topics and learning objectives, and have rationales for why the correct answer is correct, and why each incorrect choice is incorrect. Since Mr. Espinoza was constantly looking at the Curriculum and Exam Description (CED), this job has made him extremely familiar with the content that is on the AP Chemistry exam, and how questions are typically asked by the College Board. Mr. Espinoza has also written content for the NY Regents Chemistry exam with this company.

Mr. Espinoza began tutoring online in March 2020, and has found that the online-format has many benefits for students; it’s quick and easy to share reference sheets, examples, and an on-screen calculator to allow for explanations to be super clear. Mr. Espinoza has mostly tutored students in AP Chemistry, IB Chemistry, and General Chemistry 1&2 (in college).

Mr. Espinoza takes the approach of discussing immediate goals with a student, and is able to look at their teacher’s materials and very quickly provide more examples and practice from his own resources or off the top of his head. He helps students to show their work for quantitative questions in a way that helps them to establish a routine, and is focused on identifying patterns in calculations. With qualitative questions, students often struggle with intermolecular forces and periodic trends. Mr. Espinoza also helps students, again, to identify patterns, memorize the small pieces of information that must be memorized, and to apply repetitive rationale to a wide array of problem types. Mr. Espinoza can help with non-calculator math skills for multiple choice, and free response strategies as well.

Outside of tutoring, Mr. Espinoza enjoys time with his wife and their dog, playing guitar and piano, video games, and chess. He cooks a pretty delicious cast-iron steak.

Currently, Mr. Espinoza is writing curriculum content for AP Chemistry and O-level chemistry for different companies, and tutoring Chemistry at various levels - AP, IB, General Chemistry 1&2 in college, ACE, and O-level.


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